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Cure Cancer Awareness Aid Society is Non Profit, National Level, Social Secular Indian NGO, duly registered under Societies Registration Act in 1987,
It has earned a reputation among cancer societies for its work across the country on the control of Cancer in tune with the guidelines of the ?National Cancer Control Programmes?, 1995 & 2002 of the World Health Organisation and ?National Cancer Control Programme?, 1985 & 2005 of the Govt. of India without getting any financial assistance from the Government or Non Government Bodies.

is the second leading cause of death world wide ( page xiii NCCP WHO, 1995) and is expected to increase by 500% in the coming 25 years (page iv NCCP Govt. of India, 1985). It is taking a heavy toll of precious human lives and destroying the families of the cancer patients due to mental agony and heavy costs of treatment. 2/3 of the new cases are detected in the advanced stages when treatment is ineffective; hence an overall National waste. Such patients continue to block and exhaust the resources which otherwise could effectively be utilized for the treatment of the patients in early stages thereby saving their lives and finances.

After careful study Cure Cancer Awareness Aid Society has launched the Nationwide Cancer Control Programme which involves the recommendations of both the National Cancer Control Programmes (NCCP of WHO and Govt. of India) adapted under local conditions. This involves a variety of activities carried; through out the country to combat cancer which causes 12% of all deaths (page xii NCCP WHO 2002).

Our experts have carefully designed the Sponsored Cure Cancer Awareness Aid Programme seeing its adaptability in the local scenario, it is our key thrust area and main activity for the control of cancer. These Programmes are organized through schools and colleges throughout the country involving delivery of lecture on cancer awareness, tobacco abuse, passive smoking, good dietary habits, healthy living habits to the
students who serve as dedicated army in fight against Cancer and Tobacco.


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